On Songwriting

“Gifted and gutsy, Jeremiah’s emotion-laced voice rang out with aching sincerity as he nailed numbers such as ‘Wichita Lineman.’ A taste of his own songwriting left one wanting more samples.” - Cabaret Scenes

“His songs are full of energy and heart.” - Dan Martin and Michael Biello

“His songs are visceral, dense, immediate, at times evoking Billy Joel, Sondheim, Oscar Wilde…” - Stearns Matthews

Songs for a New World @ The Adrienne

"... a fine six-member ensemble cast. Sharon Sampieri and Jeremiah Downes are especially good..." - Philadelphia City Paper

"The most disquieting number in the show is the stunning 'King of the World.' Dressed in a military uniform, an effectively uncertain Jeremiah Downes symbolizes a man - and a nation - who's lost his way." - Philadelphia Weekly

Gemini, the Musical @ The Prince Music Theater

"Jeremiah Downes conveys good-natured astonishment throughout as Randy..." - Variety

"As the Harvard pals, Jillian Louis and Jeremiah Downes are the ideal mixture of puzzled-by-Francis and intrigued-by-South Philly." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"... Jillian Louis and Jeremiah Downes are convincing in their brother and sister preppie roles." - CurtainUp.com

Sweeney Todd @ Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma

"Jeremiah Downes brought distinct personality and flair to Pirelli..." - The Edmond Sun

"Jeremiah Downes... commanded the necessary falsetto and mock-Italiante style as an exaggeradetdly dandified, effeminate Pirelli." - The Sondheim Review