Daily Tasks, or Summer Assignments

Another semester has come to a close. With all that seems completely unbearable, and hopeless, in the world I was struck by the promise of an eager student requesting a list of stuff to "check out" over the summer. I was happy to oblige. Along with the "reading list," I offered some additional recommended daily tasks that I felt charming enough to share here, "Summer Guide for Musical Theater Studio: Daily Tasks."

  • Read a play a day.
  • Discover a piece of music-theater you don't already know exists (preferably daily).
  • Listen to music (not theater music) you don't already know.
  • Stay off social media.
  • Investigate one new thing about an art form not our own.
  • Exercise, or spend time outdoors - or both.
  • Go to things (literally walk to, and/or, in them) called libraries, museums, parks, theaters, movies theaters and restaurants (maybe, even, on your own!).
  • Find hobbies, and interests, that have NOTHING to do with theater or music.

Whatever you do, breathe, and drink lots of water. See you in the fall.