Well, They Marched on Ole Virginia

Well, They Marched on Ole Virginia

Words and music by Jeremiah Downes


Well they marched on ole Virginia, we said no

And they lit those cheap ass torches, we said no

Cause despite your lack of sense

And your utter shit pretense

You can try and kill our spirit, we say no


So you think you know this country, say you do

But this ain’t your country, laughs on you

Ask the Choctaw, Cherokee, Star Clan and Shawnee

You think you know this country, that ain’t true


Scream your blood runs Southern red

But your Southern red is dead

That must be why you’re so damn angry too


Well you marched on old Virginia, shame on you

You took a life, some spirit, that is true

But, to quote your hero Lee

I’ll attempt so gracefully

Abandon all your animosity


And they’ll write of this, I’m certain, when you’re gone

The stain you left your country will live on

So wave that Dixie flag real high, cause it’s all painful lie

The day you tried to make Virginia cry


© Jeremiah Downes, 2017